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The wind, the surf, the waves— it's summertime and the livin' is easy! Head to the beach, bask in the sun or party hard from dusk 'til dawn: the action just never stops!

Summer is the moment to chill, not for you to get the chills. It is the best time to engage in your favorite sports and outdoor activities, not for coughs and runny noses. Spread good vibrations not disease bringing viruses— strengthen your immune system with FERN-C!

FERN-C is a potent anti-oxidant, and is your first line of defense against infectious diseases like coughs and common colds. It is vitamin C in non-acidic form, which gives you the benefits of ascorbic acid without upsetting your stomach.

FERN-C is the only Quali-C sodium ascorbate that assures you and your honey of a safe, world-class product.

Grab your FERN-C in packs of 10's and 30's at leading drugstores near you!
*P6.30/capsule for packs of 30s, P6.50/capsule for packs of 10s